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Organoleptic characteristics

We have conducted several flavor studies from Sacha Gold® cacao beans.  These beans of Sacha Gold® selections have a fine flavor aroma and very intense floral taste, characteristics that are very desirable for customers in international markets.

Sacha Gold® cacao trees. Phenotypic characteristics.

Cacao trees of the Sacha selection Gold® possess a series of very special physical characteristics, which are listed below:
1 - More than 1.30 grams per bean.
2 - Pods with thin shell.
3 - Production throughout the year.
4 - High number of beans per pod.
5 - Resistant tree, with strong branches.
6 - Structure suitable to receive sufficient aeration and sunlight.
7 - Large and abundant foliage.
8 - Excellent response to side grafts, with what in 12 months is already started production.
9 - High planting densities (2.5 x 2.5, with 3 meter paths).