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Cimarron Cocoa Estates Cia Ltd., (CCE) is an Ecuadorian company started in 2005, dedicated to producing great tasting Fino y de Aroma cacao under the name Sacha Gold®.  CCE is located in Sacha, Ecuador in the province of Orellana in the Amazon Basin. CCE currently products over 40 tons of fine flavored Fino y de Aroma dark cacao. Through our cacao nurseries, we sell our cacao trees to local farmers. The success of the Sacha Gold® brand has led to nearly 1.5 million of our trees planted by local cacao farmers in the last five years. 

We are currently partnered with Blommer Chocolate (, North America's largest chocolate producer, to grow Sacha Gold® and train farmers in Bloomer sponsored Farmer Field Schools. Blommer, with Cimarron, has set up cooperative buying stations in the region to provide market price to sell the Sacha Gold® cacao. 

BK Matlick, a cocoa consultant of international renown, believes Sacha Gold® is the most important cocoa discovery since CCN-51 in the 1960s. 

Cimarron has accomplished a revolutionary change in the way cacao is grown and harvested. We allow local farmers to make up to five times as much money on the same amount of cultivated land. This is good for the farmer and the environment. 

Our specialists are trained at prestigious international universities with extensive experience in the field of cacao cultivation. This has allowed us to advise on the establishment and implementation of several large-scale projects in the region. We have made genetic and field evaluations of our selections over a five year period that give us the respective data to validate the characteristic of high productivity and disease resistance of Sacha Gold®. We are the only company in the world with this kind of cacao data on this scale. CCE produces world class Fino y de Aroma cacao, grown on a farm that's environmentally responsible, economically sustainable, single origin, and community focused.