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The old adage 'seeing is believing' has never been more true than in the case of Sacha Gold® . These super trees planted on our farms are producing approximately 1 kg cacao per tree in the first year. This moves to 3 kg per tree by the fourth year. We use planting densities of 1300-1400 tress per hectare and disease management techniques that allow for yields 4-6 times the average of other varieties such as Nacional or CCN-51. Our farms employ active field management that includes shaping trees to improve flowering and fruit formation. We have collected and stored data on our plants and their results by year to further our knowledge of how to grow Sacha Gold®  and the results. We are the only cacao farmers known to collect and process this type of data. This has allowed us to further tailor our field techniques. Additionally, our high density, high yield cacao trees allow for production to start within 1.5 years instead of 3 years, leading to much better economics. 

Economic Example:

Sacha Gold®  4 hectare: yields 3 tons cacao per hectare at $3000/ton (current market)=$9,000.

CCN-51's 4 hectares: yields 2 tons cacao per hectare at $3000/ton = $6000

Nacional's 4 hectares: yields 1 ton cacao per hectare at $3000/ton = $3000

This is on the same amount of land and expenses are constant for a farmer, so the net income impact is greater with Sacha Gold®  trees.