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Sacha Gold® Nurseries

Cimarron Cocoa Estates has commercial nurseries in Sacha that produce quality cacao plants for our customers under stringent environmental and technological conditions demanded by the international market. We use planting densities of 1.100 to 1.430 plants per hectare, which allows for maximizing yields per hectare/year.  

In order to build the ecosystem of Sacha Gold® cacao that benefits farmers and their communities, CCE established these commercial nurseries. The nurseries supply cacao plants for private companies, communities of cacao producers, and state and provincial agencies in Ecuador. Our customers receive the same high quality trees that produce the fine flavor cacao that we grown on our own farms. CCE's nursery cacao marketing strategy is to differentiate our product as the highest quality, highest yielding dark cacao. Our modular reduction system in our seven nurseries allows us to provide customers with cocoa trees throughout the year. In any given time, we have 400,000 trees growing and available for sale, which is in addition to our own cacao producing farms. The nurseries produce quality dark cacao that when properly cultivated, obtain the fine flavor cacao from Ecuador. 

CCE does not use any child labor in our business, as is common in Africa. We are building a cacao community. Our partner, Blommer Chocolate, is North America's largest chocolate refiner. We insist that all partners meet the standards for labor practices and the environment that are consistent with our own. We feel that leading by example in our community will benefit all and establish credibility.

Our Products

Cimarron has a cacao nursery, produces and sells Sacha Gold® cacao, trees and nibs, and provides field training to local farmers. CCE demonstrates quality, traceability and environmental responsibility. 

Through our Sacha Gold® cacao nurseries, we sell our cacao trees to local farmers. The super trees have exceeded expectations in terms of taste, disease resistance, quality and quantity.  CCE produces the finest variety cacao beans that are sold in the international markets.  They are traceable to our single estate, small farms in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. Sacha Gold® cacao nibs are single origin from the Fino y de Aroma cacao plants.

Sacha Gold® cacao nibs are single origin from the Fino y de Aroma cacao plant. Our cacao and nibs combine essential health benefits of antioxidants, essential minerals and flavonoids with exceptional flavor.  Sacha Gold® cacao nibs have a rich chocolate flavor and full-bodied bouquet. They can be eaten alone, sprinkled on desserts and yogurts, added to granola, blended into smoothies, added to sweet or savory sauces, ground into a powder and used in many ways.   

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