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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cimarron is a company committed to the laws of Ecuador and operates under the best working conditions possible. We have a respectful work culture. We serve our customers in a transparent manner, through a quality product and fair pricing. 

We are governed by local and international laws of foreign trade, fully carrying out the laws. We have earned the credibility of our customers through the respect of our people and our partners, in addition to the respect for the environment and society. Our credibility is reinforced by the consistency and quality of our products. We have established a social assistance through the granting of a fellowship program in Agronomy, for Yadira Ramirez, a collaborator of excellence in our nurseries.

Community Responsibility

CCE has improved the lives of the small farmers in the local community. In order to accelerate the impact of Sacha Gold® trees in the community, in 2012 a three-way agreement was signed between Cimarron, the Orellana provincial government, and Blommer Chocolates to create a network of 1500 small farmers using the Sacha Gold® trees for the Farmer Field Schools (FFS) program.  In the agreement, Cimarron provides farmer training, and Blommer established one centralized buying station for the Sacha Gold® cacao in the Orellana province.  Farmers can now sell direct without broker-intermediation. 

Commitment to the farmers, long term supply, ethical practices, and a positive impact on the environment were established as the values for the group.  The planting of disease tolerant Sacha Gold® trees has contributed to the increased income of the farmers and the livelihood of the community.

Before Cimarron, the average yield per hectare was .5 tons. At $2,200 per ton, this meant earnings of roughly $1,100 per hectare. A typical farmer has 3 hectares, giving the family an annual income of $3,300 per year.  Because of Sacha Gold®, the typical farmer now produces 3 tons per hectare with an annual income of $19,000.  This is a sustainable and transformational change, using the same amount of land to grow five times as much cacao.  

Many of the women in the community have also learned the techniques of grafting and thus are able to contribute to the sustenance of their families. 

Sacha Gold® Environmentally responsible, economically sustainable, single origin, and community focused.