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Our Team

Our specialists combine their studies in Agronomy and Business Development at prestigious international universities with extensive experience in the field of cacao cultivation.  This has allowed us to advice on the establishment and implementation of several large scale projects in the region. In addition, we have made genetic and field evaluations of our selections over a 5 year period that gives us the respective data to validate the characteristics of high productivity and disease resistance of Sacha Gold®.

On our farms, we have established a trained and professional group of workers who manage adequate control of weeds, fertilization, pruning and picking.  These tasks are performed mostly through mechanized systems that increase the efficiency of our fieldwork.

The team that takes care of the nursery is extremely reliable and experienced in handling of seeds, pre-germination, planting, watering, and application of pesticides. We have a team of professional cocoa grafters with more than 10 years of experience that ensure a 95% success rate on first-time grafts.

We also have a specialized marketing and customer service team in order to better understand and advise our customers on the optimal manner to adapt our high quality cocoa plants to their needs depending on geographic, temperature, soil, and rainfall conditions.